Sony: ‘We will accelerate production of PlayStation 5 like never before’

As the supply chain that was limited due to COVID is slowly starting to increase, Sony has announced that it will significantly boost production of PlayStation 5 consoles to make up for losses due to which most players still own the ‘four’.

Sony predicts it will sell 18 million PS5 consoles in the business year by the end of March, up from 11.5 million units in the same period last year.

“With the initial increase in production, we plan to significantly accelerate the production of consoles to reach levels we have never achieved before,” said Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, at a conference for investors, reports Reuters.

Interestingly, with the aforementioned Sony 2025, it equates the number of new games on PCs and mobile phones with its PlayStation platform, which sounds very incredible at the moment.

If they do achieve this, we won’t complain, but it would be a good idea to first implement a plan where the PlayStation 4 will no longer be a sales record versus the ‘five’, which has been on the market since November 2020.

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