The Tokyo 2020 Olympics may be behind us but that does not mean that the Olympic spirit should disappear from our lives and the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Game, the official game of the Olympics makes sure that this does not happen.

The game developed and distributed by Sega allows us to play alone, with friends or in front of random contestants online in a wide variety of competitions that we loved watching the Olympics so much, only it does it in a way that better suits the worlds of patency than the simulations, and I think not that terrible.

The implication is that anyone looking for realism, grueling training for athletes to improve abilities and times, or some sort of campaign or story mode, has not come to the right place. The game straight puts you into games by choosing an avatar character and lets you choose which industry you want to compete in, whether in a local activity alone or with friends, or online, but it is important to note that it is very, very difficult to find games online. Yet the competitiveness, and we will get to it at length, is so good and springy even when you play against the AI, so despite the slight disappointment I had of not being able to connect fast enough with other players from the world, it did not detract too much from my enjoyment of the game.

One of the strong things about Tokyo 2020 is that it does not take itself too seriously, it is true that it is not like the Sonic Olympics that you have powers over, but you will find yourself running 100 meters or throwing an iron ball at speeds and distances that do not match human abilities, which is definitely fun –

Do not think that because the data does not match the real world that this is not a challenge, you will need to specialize and learn well the control keys and small tips to improve your performance, because your competitors improve as you rise in level and stage of competition.

Tokyo 2020 offers no less than 18 disciplines to compete in: 100.meter dash, 100.meter hurdles, hammer throw, long jump, 100.meter freestyle, 200.meter swim, BMX bike, climbing, messenger race, baseball, basketball, soccer, ball Flying beaches, table tennis, tennis, boxing, judo and even rugby.

There is no doubt that this is a considerable amount of games and wide enough to include a few different areas of interest such as athletics, swimming and even team sports. However not all of them work, while running 100 meters, swimming and even judo are fascinating and addictive, the diluted team sport (compared to what we are used to) loses interest pretty quickly, so at least I felt about rugby and football, while baseball and basketball should be noted. Very smart.

Also in terms of the learning curve there is a difference between the assignments, so for example judo will require you to remember quite a few buttons and learn to read situations, while the athletics disciplines will not require too much learning but a lot of effort in the fingers. If there are those who think you are going to collect gold after gold think again, each branch starts in the qualifiers, moves to the semi.finals and then the finals, and I assure you that what is enough for the qualifiers will not even give you a medal in the final, and the game does a good job As you step up, which gives reason to invest.

Another reason to invest is the insane customization option that can be done to your characters. It is important to note that in this fantasy world gender does not matter, men and women play side by side and against each other, and you have almost complete control over what they look like (even physical structure) and what they wear, and some of the options that open up as you progress simply go crazy. , Weird swimwear and even the option to dress up as Sonic.

Visually the game is beautiful, the atmosphere in the stadiums along with the enthusiasm of the crowd definitely adds to the overall vibe of the game, however almost no work has been invested in terms of audio presentation and apart from showing the athletes it feels like watching a pirate broadcast without announcers, which is a shame.

Bottom line, despite the disappointment from online, Tokyo 2020 is a very fun game that is suitable for the whole family with enough competitions and challenges to keep you quite a bit of time on the court or deep in the swimming pool. A copy of the game was received by Adli United, the official importer of the Tokyo 2020 game in Israel.

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