MADRID, 11 Sep. (Portaltic/EP) –

The Iberostar Group has presented Hotel Digital, the first open innovation project which adds the knowledge of internal areas of the company to that of specialized external partners for the development of business initiatives that promote responsible tourism.

The open innovation methodology is based on minimum viable projects, integrated into reality, with clear and defined times and objectives, and does not contemplate pilot initiatives that are carried out in ideal conditions for both the company and the supplier.

Hotel Digital has a duration of twelve months, during which the initiatives must demonstrate their viability and that they are innovative and scalable digital solutions. These characteristics are basic to help hotel transformation, improving the customer experience, promoting sustainability and achieving greater business efficiency, as indicated by the Iberostar Group.

This project activates internal and external resources of the Iberostar Group through an innovation methodology integrated into the reality of the hotels and their clients. They participate in it more than 20 companies in the technology sector, among which are Telefónica, Google, IBM, Microsoft, ITH, Turistec, Minsait, KPMG, Deloitte, Accenture, Quint, Innovation, Vodafone or Plexus.

The COO of Grupo Iberostar, Rodrigo Moscard√≥, points out that “Hotel Digital is a way of innovating by applying technology in hotels”, with a different approach that seeks to give a “greater boost to the experience” of customers.

“Our goal is for Hotel Digital to translate into clear and tangible benefits for our clients, achieving excellence in quality and service hand in hand with technology and digitization“, highlights the CIO of Grupo Iberostar, Tomeu Bennasar.

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