A groundbreaking Israeli invention: “We will soon be able to understand what animals say”

Researchers, scientists and technologists around the world have been working for years to try to use artificial intelligence developments to promote communication with animals. Recently, an experiment conducted by a team from Tel Aviv University was able to “translate” the communication waves of bats, which may indicate future success in deciphering the language of animals.

Dr. Yossi Yuval explained that the discovery was “like a miracle, like magic.” According to him, bats emit signals at mixed frequencies that resonate with the environment.

“Although the main function of the echo is sensing, it can certainly be used to transmit social information,” Dr. Yuval explained. The machine to understand the frequencies and sounds of animals, will bring about a real revolution in communication.

“We have shown in the study that we can determine the context of each of the voices based on its spectral parameters. For example, we can know which sound is emitted during a fight over food at a very high level of accuracy,” the researcher explained. The researchers also managed to decipher which of the group members emits the voice – is it an alpha male, or is it a protective female.

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