Control it from the smartphone: the fan that will save you money and you will not feel that it exists

Smart and quiet: The first thing I noticed when I turned on Shiomi’s new smart fan – the Mi Smart Standing Fan Pro – was the quiet. Yes, it’s the quietest fan I’ve ever heard, and if you’re having trouble falling asleep with noises around you, just like me, then it will not disturb your sleep.

The fan connects to the Shiomi Mi Home app, through which you can control its various settings. Among other things, it can be adjusted to one of a hundred levels of power, and transferred to a dynamic state – a feeling of a real breeze coming in from the window. In my experience, the feeling I get in this situation is like a fresh breeze from the outside, and I use this situation all the time.

The Mi Smart Standing Fan Pro is equipped with a 2,800 mAh battery, which allows it about 20 consecutive hours of operation (depending on the intensity of use). The connection to the charger is very simple – all you have to do is place it on the fixture. Due to the fact that the charger stays attached to the fan even when lifted, I would recommend sticking it simply to the floor at some point.

The assembly of the fan is very simple, and took me only about three minutes. It is also worth noting that the fan can also be controlled by pressing the buttons located on its body, although they provide more limited options than the app.

Summary: Shiomi’s fan is the product I use the most in my home this season.

Price: NIS 399 for the version that requires an electrical connection, and NIS 499 for the rechargeable version (the one that appears in the video review)

By Editor