After about four years with a Labrador Retriever bitch, who coats fur about 365 days a year, I thought I was on the highway when it comes to cleanliness – starting with a V11 pump and continuing with a robotic vacuum cleaner that runs through the room.

The apartment itself was clean after the two vacuum cleaners passed it, or so I thought. With the launch in the country of the Dyson new vacuum cleaner series, the V15, I discovered that the floor was not as clean as I thought.

The new vacuum cleaner, Dyson V15 Detect, comes with a seven.cell battery that allows, according to the company, up to 60 minutes of pumping, and presents a more powerful pumping power at 30% than the V11.

It includes three pumping levels – and I even managed to get over an hour of continuous work when using the lowest level – “Economical” (Eco), when the vacuum was fully charged. I experimented with the three intensities, and the normal pumping level (defined as “low”) was sufficient for routine and everyday use.

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The result was a very thorough cleaning, and the V15 bravely faced all the challenges we faced – from the bitch’s fur to food crumbs, sand, beds and sofas. In most cases it was not necessary to pass through the same area again.

One of the significant additions to the vacuum cleaner is the green laser sensor, which “exposed” dirty and dusty areas that were missed while cleaning with the help of the other vacuum cleaners. The truth is that instead of frustration that the area is not really clean – the laser made me keep cleaning, and look for more corners that were missed in the house.

Two other innovations that can be found in the vacuum cleaner are the Piezo sensor, which measures and counts the particles pumped into the collection tank. It shows in real time, while cleaning, what is the size of the particles that were pumped – and how many were pumped of each size, a nice feature but admits I could not figure out why it is helpful.

In addition, the vacuum cleaner automatically increases the suction power if necessary, so that if there is more dirt in the place you are vacuuming – the vacuum cleaner will change the suction power itself, without the need for user involvement.

The Dyson V15 Detect also addresses a significant issue for those with long hair, or living with such. The answer comes in the form of two new brushes – the first is an anti.tangle motorized thumping brush for sofas and mattresses, which prevents tangling of hair that has been sucked out. Another brush is the Torque smart thumping brush – which automatically adapts itself to different surfaces. The recommended price is NIS 3,590 for a vacuum cleaner with a laser.

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