Scientists from the US Space Agency (NASA) have announced that rock samples collected by the Perseverance (“Persistence”) spacecraft, which arrived on Mars earlier this year, have revealed conditions that allow some life to exist. The Red Star Scientists estimate that the source of salts found inside the sampled rocks is a situation in which groundwater has seeped through the rock’s original minerals, or when liquid water has evaporated.

As mentioned, the US agency sent the lander from the rocket to the Jezero crater, for the task of finding the water, because similar signs of an ancient river were found in it, when the goal was to drill deep into the rock to see if remnants of alien life could be found. According to NASA, there is no doubt that a lake once filled the crater, and it is possible that the area in question was filled with floodwaters that dried up about 50 years ago. However, they say it is still unclear when the area was covered with water, and for how long. , Scientists estimate that water has accumulated in the place for long enough to absorb microscopic life.

The Jezero crater on Mars where the samples were located (Photo: NASA / JPL.Caltech)

Mitch Schulte, a NASA scientist, explained that “the samples collected so far are of high value for future research in Earth laboratories. One day we will be able to decipher the minerals and times that this rock went through. “He added:” This will help us uncover the big scientific picture, which will tell us about the history of water and liquids on Mars. “

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These samples, which have been carefully selected, will not undergo in.depth analysis and testing in the near future, as the equipment needed to perform them is too complicated to send to Mars. Instead, the spacecraft is expected to store these samples in titanium tubes, which will be collected by another agency space vehicle in about a decade.

The tool in which the samples are stored from Mars (Photo: NASA / JPL.Caltech)The tool in which the samples are stored from Mars (Photo: NASA / JPL.Caltech)

NASA and the European Space Agency are working on a special project, in which samples from Mars will be returned to Earth, which will allow them to be tested using devices that are too complex to send to the Red Star. The agency concluded: Scientists. “

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