Artist Storm: This is the cost of a corona test and a forged vaccine certificate

The storm of fake tests in Uman: For about a year, Check Point’s researchers have been following groups engaged in the illegal trade in corona tests and vaccination certificates around the world, including an Israeli group called Corona vaccination certificates / corona tests. The group has been active since June, but in recent weeks has begun offering fake negative corona tests for returnees to trained Israelis in Ukraine.

The cost of each fake test is one hundred shekels (including a test in Ukrainian), when over the weekend the group began to offer at the same price also negative corona tests for soldiers, which mimic forms of the Medical Corps. The group’s operators also sell a recovery certificate and a vaccine certificate (claiming that they will first provide a QR similar to the one in the original certificate). The cost of the forged certificate is NIS 300. At Check Point, they passed the findings to the police for further investigation.

Oded Vanunu, only Product Weakness Department at Check Point explained: “We have been following Corona tests and Corona vaccines since November 2020 and see how this field is evolving. humans”. He added that “in recent days we have discovered sales in relation to Ukraine in connection with Rosh Hashanah in Uman, you can see how easily it is possible to forge a corona test and thus enter Israel despite being ill with the disease.”

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