Google allows you to remove the advertising ID to prevent apps from collecting data

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Google allows you to completely disable the advertising identifier (ID) so that it is not accessible to applications, as has happened until now, thanks to the latest Play Services update.

Google generates an advertising ID with which show personalized ads to the user but it also serves to prevent fraud and obtain data for analysis, and although there is the possibility of disabling it, this option only affects personalized advertising.

With the latest update of Google Play Services, the advertising ID is completely removed when the user chooses to keep it disabled. The creators of the ‘apps’ will only see zeros instead of the identifier.

The company will also notify developers when the user disables the advertising ID, so they can remove all information related to it.

The company announced this change in June, but it is now that has started to implement it, And it will continue to do so until early 2022, when it is expected to reach all devices that have support for Google Play.

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