There is the Eurovision of Artificial Intelligence, in which Galicia participates this year

Galicia will be the Spanish representative participating in the AI Song Contest 2022musical competition similar to Eurovision in which songs composed by Artificial Intelligence (IA).

The festival was created in 2020 by some media outlets in the Netherlands under the supervision of the European Broadcasting Union. In 2021, the Catalan group AImCAT competed in the contest led by the Swedish technologist Tomas Nihlén with the song ‘I feel the Wires’ (‘I feel the cables’).

This year it is the turn of Galicia, which will participate in the AI ​​Song Contest with AI-Lalelo, a song generated exclusively with artificial intelligence. The theme pays homage to the women who have promoted Galician history and tradition, in addition to their language and culture, according to the group in a statement accompanying their video clip.

The very name of the project is also a tribute, in this case, to Ana Maria PrietoGalician considered the first programmer in the history of Spain.

The lyrics of the song have been generated from 454 traditional songs with GPT-3an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to create texts that emulate human writing.

For their part, the melodic lines and rhythmic variations have been obtained with Google Magentaa tool based on deep learning for the creation of art and music, based on traditional Galician songs, which are poems sung and composed by troubadours.

The song also makes use of technology DDSP, that allows combining the structure of elements such as filters and reverbs with deep learning to generate sounds from traditional percussion instruments and the hurdy-gurdy.

Galicia will compete this June 15 in one of the semi-finals. If she obtains the majority support of the jury, she will be able to win a place along with 14 other participants in the final gala, which will take place in Liège (Belgium) on July 6.

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