Facebook introduces customer communication with companies directly from ads

Communication with companies by clicking on the ads – OFFICIAL FACEBOOK

Facebook has announced new features in communication between clients and companies, with the possibility for clients to start a conversation directly by clicking on an ad, and new tools for companies to improve the control they have over their professional accounts.

The company wants WhatApps, which already has more than 2 billion users worldwide, to become the tool with which people can chat with companies, obtain useful information or find something they would like to buy.

there is already 175 million people around the world who send a message to a WhatsApp Business account every day– This version offers small businesses additional features such as a company profile, a catalog feature to display products and services, quick responses, and tagging. For medium and large companies, it seeks to enhance their communication with clients around the world.

In this framework, Facebook has announced that companies can choose all the messaging platforms on which they are available to chat. It has also introduced new tools that allow users to start a conversation with a business through ads (clicking on them can send a message), as reported in a statement.

In the coming months, Facebook will start testing paid and organic tools to help small businesses find and qualify leads directly within the Instagram app.


Facebook is testing Work Accounts, which will allow business users to have a greater separation between their personal and professional identities, with the possibility of logging in and managing the Business Manager without having a personal account.

Companies will be able to manage these accounts on behalf of their employees and will have access to enterprise.grade features like single sign.on integrations.

The company has reported that it will test work accounts for the remainder of the year with a small group of companies, and expects to expand their availability globally in 2022.

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