The Israeli company Soloto celebrated a million more users of the HOME product developed for the American market. The product helps every person to enjoy every technological device in their home, from receiving ongoing technical support and problem solving by experts, repairing device malfunctions to managing and improving performance.

The concept, which continues the company’s vision and product line – to help everyone enjoy technology, first emerged in the Tel Aviv company Soluto near the beginning of the spread of the corona epidemic around the world.

“At this point in time, technological devices have become critical for communication between families, maintaining work continuity, distance learning of the children left at home and replacing activities such as sports, cooking classes and more,” the company said.

The product is marketed both online and in the company’s 800 physical stores, which are spread all over the United States and allow access to anyone who needs help with technology, and is even available for purchase directly to Amazon customers.

For less than a dollar a day (monthly fee of $ 24.99), customers can repair, upgrade or troubleshoot any of the devices, with the help of Soloto’s technology experts who arrive at the customer’s home within a few hours and are available 24/7 for any chat or phone problem. “Our product is designed to make every moment of the day accompanied by technology much easier,” said Shira Gershuni, head of the Home Product Department at Soloto.

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