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The intense heat has already begun to make an appearance in most of Spain, and the map apps now have a new alternative, Shadowmap, to know in which streets there will be shade according to the time of day-

Shadowmap is an application designed with the goal of “help humans find the sun“, as its creators explain on their website, and for this it displays the sunny and shady areas through interactive 3D maps

Through these maps, the user can enter their city and select time of day to know in real time whether or not a certain area such as a street will have direct sun- With a time wheel, it also shows where the shadow is moving-

The use of three-dimensional maps allows the application, available both through the web and for iOS and Android mobiles, estimate accurately shady areas both in cities, with the shadow of the buildings, as in natural environments

Originally, Shadowmap, created in Austria, is designed to know which areas have natural lighting, so that it helps to organize photo sessions, choosing a home, playing sports or planning where to place solar panels or an urban garden-

For users who use the application in summer in countries such as Spain, however, it can also be used to look for shady streets and avoid sun exposure in the hottest moments of the day-

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