The Israeli start.up company ANACHOIC announced the progress in the development of the HAALO system and the transition to the beta phase, just before its launch and the start of its marketing to the general public. The HAALO system was designed and developed in Israel with the desire to reduce the involvement in road accidents of motorcyclists, scooters, bicycles, electric bicycles and scooters.

ANACHOIC aims to launch a commercial version to the market as early as 2022. The HAALO system is based on a very small, coin.sized radar, with very low power consumption. These data allow it to be installed not only on the tools, but even directly installed on the helmets themselves.

System alerts are obtained through integration into the audio system, by easy and simple installation like installing a headset for a helmet. Alerts are received using spatial audio technology. This technology allows the system to connect to the rider’s intuition in a smart way, so that he can receive information at any given moment about everything that is happening around him.

Unlike other safety systems that warn of every possible danger, in the development of HAALO emphasis was placed on providing added value to the rider and reducing the warnings to the required minimum.

The company emphasizes that the system detects dangers and threats within a range of up to 100 meters in real time, monitors 60 threats simultaneously and classifies and prioritizes threats in relation to location and speed. In addition, it transmits the information through voice guidance and learns and is updated regularly while collecting data in a continuous and controlled manner.

ANACHOIC is currently working to make the system accessible to all riders and all two.wheeled vehicles. At this stage, riders are recruited to join the company’s beta riders group.

Marik Tamam, co.founder and CEO of Anachoic, added: “We believe that the more information a rider has available, the more likely he is to make the right decision. And death. “

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