Behind it are Arkane Studios of the specialists in storytelling videogame. Deathloop for PC and Playstation 5 is finally an original shooter, different from what the market offers almost continuously. You will not only have to shoot, your character is more thoughtful and will have the task of changing the pre.established order, changing the course of the day and successfully completing the feat. Finally our hero escapes the canons of action films and the story will surprise you. It is a courageous work but not perfect. Some flaws in the artificial intelligence and in the gameplay, however you will not be disappointed

The idea and the gameplay

We wake up on a beach trapped on an island without knowing who we are and what we are doing there. We understand that we are a murderer in spite of ourselves, condemned to relive the same day every time we die. Basically we are inside a modern metaphor of the average shooter player. But this time of medium Deathloop has nothing. Sophisticated in the settings, full of ideas and with a true story, the title of Arkane Studios will lead you to search for continuous clues that can alter the order of events. You only have twenty.four hours to accomplish your mission.


What we liked

Colt, the protagonist, is not the usual protagonist of shooters. It means that if you want to finish the game you will have to give up shooting like obsessions and take a minimum of thinking, reading and understanding where you are and what is happening around you. For gamepaly we are in the part of Dishonored (if you liked it we are good), not Destiny, so expect a more thoughtful approach. The dialogues and the stylistic choices that will take you for about twenty hours into an inspired and varied world are also good.

What we didn’t like

There are holes in the script and the AI ​​driving the enemies is unintelligent. As we have told you, however, it is a different shooter from the others. It is not very modern and it will not sell millions of copies. But it will appeal to the younger generation as well.

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