Futuristic experience with a quiet engine: Oral.B iO is the future of brushing teeth

The innovative brush makes brushing your teeth a futuristic experience with an ultra.quiet magnetic motor, sensors for proper brushing and an online guide to help in real time. The developers of Oral.B iO emphasize the magnetic motor of the brush, which distinguishes it from the existing technology of Oral.B and which transfers energy directly to the tip of the brush fibers in order to achieve a smooth and highly efficient cleaning, while having a fun experience in the mouth.

The reason why the brushing feel is more pleasant than regular brushes is the magnetic motor that creates gentle micro.vibrations so that you will not feel an unpleasant tremor or even the noise that characterized older brushes.

The user interface is also completely renewed, and it completes the revolutionary experience with an interactive display that allows easy navigation of brush features and customization: welcoming emoji like smiley, sad smile and more, choice of brushing modes, language settings and brush head replacement reminders.

In addition, there is a smart pressure sensor that instructs users to apply optimal cleaning pressure. The sensor warns against overpressure on the teeth with a red light, and indicates in a green light when users are applying the correct optimal cleaning pressure. The new Oral.B app provides 3D graphics and brush recognition technology with artificial intelligence, which identifies all areas in the mouth and guides users to complete 100% of the brushing area.

This is alongside the visual timer that provides customized instructions to users in order to achieve their best cleanliness to date. The timer keeps track of the brushing time so users know when they have been brushing for two hours, as recommended by dentists. Smiley icons on the display let users know if they have achieved their goal.

In addition, the brush comes with a glossy magnetic charger that provides a quick full charge in just up to three hours. The brush display provides an easy.to.read battery power indicator. The company emphasizes that clinical tests have found that Oral.B iO provides deeper cleaning of the teeth and gums and removal of tartar, and it allows users to maintain oral health easily and effectively.

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