Instagram incorporates a map to locate popular restaurants and parks near the user

Instagram has incorporated a function of ‘search on the map’ that allows users to find nearby places, such as restaurants, cafes or parks, taking into account their location, which will first reach countries such as Spain or Italy.

The feature extends the capabilities of the search bar to find “interesting places”, shown with large icons on the map, based on the location of the user and the popularity of the establishments.

Search on the map can be used directly in the navigation tab (or Explore tab), where the technology company has included a map icon in the upper right corner, as the company reported in a statement.

You can also make a search by ‘hashtag’. For example, when searching for the ‘hashtag’ #restaurant for a recommendation, the places posted with that ‘hashtag’ are exposed on the search results page.

From Instagram they report that the search function on the map will be presented first in countries such as Spain, Greece, Italy and Portugal, but it will be extended to others in the future.

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