1.2 kg only: Is there a replacement for the TV screens?

I’ve been using it for three weeks:Epson’s EF.11 Laser Projector, And the truth is – I’m very surprised. This is the smallest projector produced by the company, with a size of about 18 cm and a weight of 1.2 kilograms. This means that it is possible (and even desirable) to hide it, if you planned to place the projector at home.

The truth is, I’ve long felt the need for a screen in the bedroom to watch series and movies before bed, and the EF.11 is exactly what I wanted. It is important to emphasize that this is not a portable projector, as an electrical connection is required, but due to its size it can be placed in a large number of places, not necessarily in front of the surface on which you plan to project.

The image it provides is one of the best I have seen so far in the projector, which is amazing considering its size. However, it is not the brightest I have tested, although it provides enough brightness to allow content to be viewed in a bright room, or with a window open (in any case it is advisable to watch when the room is dark so that it can be allowed to demonstrate what it is capable of). Despite its small size, it provides a display of up to 150 inches, and even at such a large resolution it was easy for me to adjust the image to make it look great in quality.

However, keep in mind that the projector in question does not have a built.in Android TV, so it is necessary to connect it to the Streamer via an HDMI connection. A point for improvement is the resulting sound quality, and I guess the reason for that is the very fact that they reduced the components, to create such a small projector. To improve audio quality, you can use the Streamer’s audio port – or connect external speakers to the projector itself.

However, there is no built.in Android TV here, Epson has probably more expensive and larger models of this technology where it does have it. And there is no. So yes I would like yes I had to plug in an external streamer and use its HDMI connection. The only connection in the projector. But after I did that I was able to project everything I wanted on a huge screen.

Viewers sitting close to the projector will probably hear the fan on the device, and if you do not use its built.in audio system – you will hear the fan even when you are far away. However, it is still a quiet projector compared to projectors I have reviewed before. In addition, it is expected to hold for a long time – 20 thousand hours. If you use it five days a week, eight hours at a time, it will last you ten years.

Is it a TV replacement?

After watching two full seasons of Paper House with this projector, I have to admit the picture here looks great. The product can replace a TV, but my recommendation is accompanied by an asterisk – since a streamer must be attached to the device, or some system that will transmit the image. I recommend using an external audio system as well, as the speakers built into the projector will not provide an experience similar to the one that the spectacular display provides.

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