A group of hackers known as Deus claimed on Tuesday that they broke into the communications company VOICENTER on Friday – which provides telephony services to a number of Israeli companies such as Partner, Get Taksi, the cellular provider 018 and Mobilai.

In a telegram channel set up by team members, hackers began leaking recorded conversations with customers, alongside personal information. In addition, hackers are offering the 15.terabyte database for sale online. If the hackers’ announcement is true, it is a much more extensive hack than the one that hit the insurance company Shirbit at the end of 2020. After that hack, hackers published customer details and documents on a huge scale.

Ido Naor, CEO of the cyber security company Joes, told Linon Ben.Shoshan at Walla! “This is probably the biggest information leak seen in Israel.”

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The Wisenter company said in the wake of the hacking attempts: “Starting a few days ago in the evening we are experiencing a cyber attack on our systems, carried out by a group of hackers from abroad. At the beginning of the event we updated the authorities. From the first moment, the incident is handled immediately and quickly throughout, and with the goal that in the coming hours all systems will return to normal operation and with a minimum of damage to our customers.

“Out of full responsibility to our customers, we will inform them knowingly about the incident and the shutdown of the systems, and we are in constant contact with them. Customers who have a concern that information has been leaked alongside the activity we perform are welcome to update.

The epidemic of cyber attacks is becoming a real hit. Only in the middle of last month did Bar.Ilan University update that it had suffered a severe cyber attack.

In January, Ben.Gurion University of the Negev announced that it had discovered a cyber attack on several servers at the institution. Academic institutions are a fertile ground for hackers, who try to glean information, sometimes of a scientific nature. In August, it was even reported that countries were behind various attacks, with an accusing finger pointed at China.

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