Hacker group affiliated with Iran: “Wait for attacks in the coming hours”

Against the background of security tensions with the Islamic Republic and attempts to harm Israelis in Turkey, by Iranian terrorist groups, the shadow war between the two countries continues beneath the surface, with groups of hackers identified with Iran continuing to try and harm Israeli infrastructure. Today (Wednesday) a group called “Moses Staff” took responsibility for the cyber attack on the alarm systems in Jerusalem and Eilat and threatened to carry out further attacks.

The group’s telegram account posted a video threatening Israel: “This is just the beginning of the adventure. You started this adventure but the end of the story is with us, you will suffer irreversible damage in the cyber and infrastructure field. From now on you will pay the price for all blood spilled “The goal is clear, defined and precise, and then you hear alarms.”

In addition, the telegram account sent a threatening message to senior figures in the military and security system in the past in the present that they would hack into their private phones. Among the people, Rami Igra Head of the POW and Missing Persons Brigade at the Former Institution, Former Commander of the Northern Command, Maj. Gen. (Res.) Udi Adam And the IDF Spokesman in Arabic, Avichai Edrei.

The hacker group also took responsibility for the downing of the IDF observation balloon last Friday in the Gaza Strip, after the IDF spokesman announced that the balloon had fallen and was taken by Hamas members. However, it was reported that “there is no risk of significant information leakage”.

As you may recall, a rising and falling alarm was sounded last Sunday in a number of neighborhoods in Jerusalem. According to reports, the alarm was sounded in the Katamon, Talpiot and Ramat Beit Hakerem neighborhoods, and lasted for more than 50 minutes. The alarm initially caused panic among residents who began seeking refuge or shelter, until it became clear that it was a malfunction. A Jerusalem resident said that “at first when we heard the alarm we were pressed. We did not understand what was happening, the neighbors knocked on our door in panic, they also did not understand what was happening. Now it is quite annoying and makes a little hole in the head.”

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