Studying the Future at RIT: New Media Design Creates Digital Content Professionals

RIT Croatia, prestigious American college, which this year marks 25 years of operation in Croatia, presented a new American multidisciplinary study in our market: New Media Design (BFA New Media Design). Designed in response to the current and future needs of the fast-growing digital media market, this four-year undergraduate professional study combines knowledge from the fields of art, design, communication, computing and technology and prepares students for the jobs of the future.

– People consume significant amounts of digital content on a daily basis through smartphones and TVs, tablets, wearables, game consoles and VR systems. Given the growing digitalization of everyday life, the market needs experts who will design and present digital content so that users can effectively communicate, inform or entertain each other. This study creates such experts, which enables RIT Croatia students to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practice during their studies through interactive teaching, experiential learning and a program of mandatory professional practice – explained the head of studies, Dr. Sc. Ante Poljičak.

Through study Design and new media future professionals will gain key competencies needed for careers in the areas of digital marketing, web and mobile application development, communications and other creative industries. Students will be able to expand the acquired knowledge and skills to specific areas of user interface design and user experience. They will learn how to 3D model, animate, all about information design and the basics of programming through the tools necessary to work in this field. Special focus will also be directed towards developing soft skills such as analytical and critical thinking, teamwork ability and effective communication.

The need for experts In this area, renowned Croatian companies in the digital media industry, which will participate in RIT’s program of mandatory professional internships, also spoke. Students will gain valuable work experience through professional internships and prepare for work in positions such as UI / UX designer, digital product designer, graphic designer, app designer, visual designer, and many others. In addition to the mentioned positions, students will achieve a good foundation for further career development in the film industry, video game industry and other emerging industries.

– The design of new media belongs to the group of multidisciplinary, transformative studies of RIT that are designed to optimally respond to the challenges and needs of the modern global economy. The quality of American education and the multidisciplinary approach to education will create new professionals who will be able to start building a career in the fast-growing digital industry and be able to create new creative solutions for everyone who consumes digital content – commented Don Hudspeth, President and Dean in Croatia.

By Editor