The first electric Toyota arrived in Croatia in time for incentives

Only a week after we drove the new Toyota bZ4X at the world premiere in Denmark, the first fully electric Toyota arrived on the Croatian market. In time for interested buyers to request state incentives for it.

Toyota is one of the leaders in car electrification, which has been successfully selling hybrid vehicles for 25 years, so they have used their experience with the development and construction of batteries on the new model.

The new Toyota is a futuristic and attractive SUV ten inches longer than the RAV4. It offers plenty of space inside, especially on the sumptuous rear bench, and a solid 452-liter boot.

The car is offered with two drives. The basic version has front-wheel drive and 204 hp, while the more powerful variant has two engines, all-wheel drive and 218 hp. Both models come with the same 71.4 kWh battery, which gives them an electric range of 411 to 516 kilometers, depending on the drive and equipment.

Very low center of gravity and rigid construction result in superior dynamic driving characteristics that are much better than comparable conventional SUVs. Also, the comfort is at an enviable level.

The base model reaches 100 km / h in 7.5 seconds, the more powerful version in 6.9 seconds. Intermediate accelerations are even more convincing, which makes overtaking very fast and easy, and the maximum speed is limited to 160 km / h.

The car is especially good in off-road conditions, and the manufacturer claims that this is the best SUV in its class. For example, it can pass through water up to half a meter deep, and there is a system that automatically keeps speed on large uphills and downhills. The driver only has to steer. The propulsion systems were developed in collaboration with Subaru.

Charging a battery on a fast charger up to 80 percent capacity takes about half an hour, and the AC charger has a power of 6.6 kW. Toyota announces that it will install a more powerful 11 ​​kW AC charger from the end of this year. They are especially proud of their battery. They claim that it is more durable and long-lasting than competitors and guarantee up to 10 years and one million kilometers that the battery will have more than 70% of the original capacity. Such a warranty is related to the additional Extended Battery Care program (provided the car is serviced at an authorized service center each year) while the standard battery warranty is eight years and 160,000 kilometers.

Sales of the bZ4X have begun. The price of the basic model is 412,100 kuna, and the model with all-wheel drive costs 434,600 kuna. Four levels of equipment are offered: Elegant, Executive, Style and Premium, and the price of the most expensive model with 4×4 drive and Premium equipment is HRK 516,900. With state incentives, it is possible to get 70,000 kuna to buy this model.

By Editor