Brave Search allows you to customize and rearrange search results

In its most recent beta release, the seeker of Brave, Brave Search, offers a mechanism that enables you to customize, order, and categorize search results to prioritize those of greatest interest to users.

The private web browser Brave was launched in November 2019 by Brendan Eich, co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox and the designer of the Javascript programming language.

Along with a focus on privacy, one of its most notable features is Brave Rewards, an optional system that lets users choose which advertisements they view and provides financial rewards for content producers and publishers.

In the most recent beta of the browser, the business has now revealed a brand-new feature called “Goggles.” By using this tool, “anyone or any community will be able to establish sets of rules and filters to restrict searches and alter the order of results,” according to Brave.

This suggests that users will be able to prioritize in Brave Search the news from the media that they frequently consult or that they find interesting through a personal filter to stop it from initially providing information from arbitrary sources.

According to Brave, every user may choose to apply a Goggle and share it with other members of the Brave community for use in the ranking “Goggles” list of Brave Search results.

Its enables search use cases that may be too specialized for a general-purpose search engine, the company stated in this article. “This means that instead of a single ranking, Brave Search can give an almost limitless number of sorting alternatives,” it said.

Contrary to other search engines that do have it “intrinsically,” Brave has made sure that its search engine’s algorithm is free of editorial bias.

The two biggest search engines in the world, Google and Bing, he added, “openly manipulate their rankings based on their political leanings or other criteria,” in contrast to this transparency in search.

For the time being, Brave has made available a selection of prototypes or instructional designs. By doing this, he has guaranteed that such “Goggles” won’t be actively maintained or expanded, and that they will be taken off once the Brave community has begun making their own.

A ranking that gives priority to content from tech blogs is one of these “Goggles,” which are accessible through the beta version at

One of these pre-designed “Goggles” lets you avoid any results with Pinterest material, while “1k short” restructures the results to remove the pages that are among the 1,000 most popular web pages.

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