A blow to Apple: Europe demands a dramatic change in iPhones

In the last two years, it has been reported more than once that Apple is expected to abandon the lighting connection in devices at some point, in favor of the USB.C connection, which is now found in most smartphones, tablets, cameras, mobile speakers and video game consoles. In the last year, it seems that Apple is gradually approaching this, with the launch of iPads with the connection in question, but it seems that it will take some more time for the iPhones to gain the new connection.

Now, it seems that a bill from the European Commission, which will be submitted today (Thursday) can speed up the transition. As mentioned, as part of the proposal, which is likely to cause a stir among the company’s fans, a USB.C charger will become the standard for the various electronic devices sold on the continent. The chargers will also be sold separately from the electronic devices.

As expected, Apple objected to the proposal, arguing, among other things, that it could provoke anger among consumers, leading to the production of more e.waste, due to the current charges that will not be needed. They added that such laws could deter manufacturers from innovating. The American technology giant has expressed concern about the length of the transition period proposed in the law, 24 months, during which companies will be required to comply with the legislation.

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