Google protects passwords with on-device encryption

Google has provided greater protection to passwords that users save in the company’s own manager with the on-device encryption making it so that only the user can access their credentials.

password encryption keep these credentials “in a safe place“until the user needs to use them, at which point the Google manager unlocks them, as the company explains on the Help page of the account dedicated to this function.

In order to unlock the passwords on the device, the manager needs to know that it is the user and not another person who wants to use them and for this he resorts to a key that only the user can know. This means that if you lose that key, you lose access to the passwords.

That required key can be ok google account password o either the system that the user has set to unlock the screen Of the device. Whichever option is chosen, Google clarifies that once password encryption has been configured, it cannot be removed.

Likewise, it has advanced its plans in this matter, assuring that “over time, this security measure will be set for all to help protect password security.

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