Five TV series not to be missed in October: the Clinton.Lewinsky trial starts again

The easy easy horror of “I Know What He Did” and the secrets in the White House room when Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were around. But also the Kurdish story of Alex told in Maid. And the alien invasion that will hit the Earth on Apple +. All very promising, but having to choose one, Ryan Murphy’s return with American Crime Story is the really unmissable one. Good vision.

Invasion – Season 1 – October 22nd

Renamed the alien invasion of Cupertino, a “classic” of the science fiction series makes its debut on Apple +. From the producers of The Martian a of those that are in fashion today with stories that intertwine, stories of people all over the world and with the human being in the foreground in front of the unknown. The only certainty is that it will not be a peaceful invasion. And something inside of us will change. (Apple +)

I Know What You Did – Season 1 – October 15th

Inspired by the horror series we all know (I Know What You Did Last Summer) it is about young Americans who have done something they shouldn’t have and are therefore haunted by a dangerous killer who torments them. They are beautiful, uninhibited and very American. The series is horror, but more teen drama. It will scream a lot anyway. (Amazon Prime)

American Crime Story: Impeachment

American Crime Story: Impeachment . Stagione 1 . 19/10

New chapter in the extraordinary and award.winning anthological saga created by Ryan Murphy. The center of the scandal of the Sexgate or Monica Gate, which attracted the attention of the world media in the late nineties. In the sights of Murphy Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton but also the figures of Linda Tripp, former employee of the Ministry of Defense, and Paula Jones, a journalist who in those years had accused Clinton himself of sexual harassment. To be seen. (Sky)

Maradona – Blessed Dream

Maradona – Blessed Dream – Mini Series – 29 October

Ten episodes that tell the life of Diego Armando Maradona. Behind the legend, the claim reads. We know almost everything about Maradona. It is not a documentary but we are talking about the most famous player of all time and an extraordinary life, from all points of view. (Amazon Prime)

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