The third.person action.action game Outriders failed to captivate me through the plot or main characters, but excels in gameplay, graphics and does everything to give the player the freedom to complete the experience in a way that best suits his style, for which he deserves praise.

The first advantage of the apocalyptic game, developed by People Can Fly and distributed by Square Enix, is already noticeable as you begin the character building phase. To make sure it is interesting enough to replay the missions you can choose one of four styles – each of which provides a different experience and gives you powers. Take for example if you choose to play the trickster style you will have the ability to maneuver time; Characters who choose the abilities of the pyromaniac can strike the enemy with fire attacks and ignite them while alive. Another character allows for underground capabilities and lastly, the technomancer is able to take control of devices remotely.

All of these capabilities come with a cooling time after launch, so you should learn to use them wisely alongside the many and varied weapons you will reset in the game. Outriders incorporates loot boxes that you must unlock throughout the missions, as expected in games of this type, from these materials you will upgrade your weapons and sometimes you will even find new and rare weapons. The relentless fighting, which combines divine forces alongside destructive weapons, is what makes the game experience interesting and will make you want to push forward – despite the story.

A second notable advantage of the game is the ability to play with a friend or a random player on the net and go through the tasks together – and there will be parts of the game where you will meet some bosses that you really want to have a friend with. Playing alone was fun too, but once I found an amazing partner everything became much faster and more fun, especially since each of you brings your own special set of powers to the field – the inevitable massacre. In addition to weapons, you can also upgrade your character’s natural abilities through a skill tree and collecting points – and there’s a lot to upgrade and see.

The story behind Outriders is not bad – the problem was in the execution and I had a hard time reaching an emotional connection with the main characters, but I did connect to the general line of the plot. The Earth has passed the point of no return in terms of climate change and the end of us all is on the way (it is certainly possible to connect to it). The geniuses who run our planet have decided to preserve humanity through a mission to a distant planet that is ostensibly capable of sustaining human life. You are in this expedition and without destroying too much you discover that this is not heaven – although there are definitely unnatural things there.

Your character is an elite soldier (Outrader) who secures the caravan while you try to acclimatize to the star, only on the way you encounter an anomaly that kills a large part of the people and whoever does not kill it changes – gives him the same powers you choose to receive and hence the road to madness is not far. The colony that was supposed to be the lifeline of humanity has become a hell that combines mentally ill people with supernatural abilities, barbarian tribes of outlaws and spectacular monsters. Your role consists of several missions, trying to figure out what went wrong in trying to build the human community on the planet, locating the source of the anomaly that caused all the trouble and of course surviving. Even if the story does not get an Oscar still the gameplay and stunning graphic capabilities of the game (landscapes, monsters, transitions, exceptional) will definitely give you the power to end the experience, and if you do it with an online friend, it will only enhance the enjoyment. A copy of the game was received by Adli United, the official importer of the game Outriders in Israel.

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