A digital passport for bicycles that will guarantee the traceability, authenticity and ownership of the two wheels, guaranteeing their value over time. This is what Colnago, the first manufacturer to link its physical products to a virtual and distributed ledger, will do by integrating blockchain technology into its products.

The first to be put on the blockchain will be the bike used by the winner of the last two Tour de France, Tadej Pogačar, at the Road Cycling World Championship scheduled for next Sunday in Belgium. Then Colnago will start leveraging blockchain technology in its products starting in 2022, when other blockchain.related features will be added.


With this technological leap into the future, the Italian manufacturer, taken over by the Abu Dhabi fund Chimera Investments, aims to maintain a technological leadership that has characterized the history of the Cambiago brand: “Whether it is disc brakes, use of carbon fiber or aerodynamic design, Colnago has always been a company that brings innovation to the market before other cycling brands, ”explains CEO Nicola Rosin.

The Colnago V3RS tag that will be used by Tadej Pogačar, at the cycling world championship

Partner of the project is the Italian technology company MyLime, originally developed in the luxury market. MyLime will connect the Colnago frames to the Automotive Blockchain where the production, transport and sales data of the frame will be recorded. Since the data stored on the blockchain is distributed, it cannot be falsified or changed once recorded, providing the ultimate proof of ownership.

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Colnago will add blockchain transactions to UAE Team Emirates and production bikes in 2022, and information on production, sale and ownership will be stored on the MyLime blockchain.based platform that anyone can access. Furthermore, Colnago will make available to the owner of each bicycle equipped with a purchased tag an NFT version of the bike.

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