Signs of the Israeli company NSO’s “Pegasus” tracking software were found in the hands of five French government ministers, according to a report in the Jerusalem Post today (Sunday) by sources on the Mediapart website.

According to the report, inspections carried out by special services in France led to the identification of the “presence of suspicious signs” in the ministers’ phones, with the aim of harming them.

The spyware affair was exposed last July. According to an international journalistic investigation published in the Guardian newspaper, the software has enabled governments around the world, including Saudi Arabia, Hungary and Mexico, to track tens of thousands of phone numbers, including more than 180 journalists, most famously Jamal Khushkji who was assassinated at the Saudi consulate in Turkey .

The Washington Post has revealed that dignitaries have been spied on by Pegasus. Among those on the list: ten prime ministers, three presidents of countries and King Mohammed V of Morocco. According to the publication, the number of devices monitored is 50,000.

French President Emmanuel Macron (Photo: Reuters)

Prominent names on the list include French President Emmanuel Macron, Iraqi President Brahm Salah, South African President Cyril Ramposa, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, Egyptian Prime Minister Mustafa Madboli, Moroccan Prime Minister Saad a.Din al.Ottoman and Lebanese Prime Minister Saad To Hariri.

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