MADRID, 24 Sep. (Portaltic/EP) –

A campaign of attacks via email has impersonated the messaging application WhatsApp and, under the pretext that they downloaded your backup copy, has tricked users into instalen ‘malware’ on your devices.

This has been warned by the National Cybersecurity Institute (Incibe) in a security notice, in which it alerts about the existence of messages from ‘phishing’ with the claim ‘Backup WhatsApp messages’.

This campaign, which impersonates the identity of the messaging application, simulates being a backup of WhatsApp conversations and call history of the user, who is urged to click on a link to download it.

Actually, users who click on the link download a Trojan.type virus onto your device which, if executed, infects it with ‘malware’.

Incibe has recommended delete the file from users who have downloaded it but not executed, and advises to also send the mail that contains it to the trash. In case you have executed the Trojan, it is necessary scan the device with an updated antivirus.

It has also reminded users not to click on any links or download files from messages with questionable legitimacy, and recommends contacting the company through official channels.

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