AWS will support the digital transformation of municipalities with a free consulting program

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will offer city councils and government authorities a three.month program, free of charge or contractual obligation, that will give them access to consulting services, software and infrastructure solutions from AWS and its network of partners.

The program has been designed to support city councils in their effort to modernize processes and provide better services to citizens more efficiently, AWS explained in a statement.

It is an initiative that has begun to be piloted in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Spain, and with which the AWS government transformation team will offer “advice to help expand the digital aspirations of local government”, while its consulting partners will carry out “detection and solution workshops in support of the municipality’s transformation goals.”

AWS and its partners will create and test proof of concept (PoC) that demonstrates the benefits of digital transformation. These pilot projects aim to promote innovation without risks or additional costs, and offer services to the community in a simpler way.

As AWS points out, “Tasks like managing payments, reducing phone inquiries, eliminating the backlog of data to be entered and requests for information, and assigning qualified staff often depend on time.consuming processes and tools.”

Therefore, the objective of this program is “to help public administrations make the most of their resources by eliminating bottlenecks and addressing the underlying causes of the most common problems such as siled data, long waits by citizens for services and assistance, and lack of qualification. ”

In recent months, AWS has worked with this program in the UK, where “municipalities are already seeing the benefits of implementing cloud.based digital solutions for citizens.”

For example, the Swindon City Council wanted to improve the notification processes and response times for notifications of illegally deposited garbage. With the introduction of artificial intelligence to analyze photos sent by citizens and intelligent route detection, the city council can now send the right resource to the right place. Cleaning times have been reduced from an average of 10 days to just four, and teams save time and fuel by working more efficiently.

In the words of Swindon City Council Emerging Technologies Officer Sarah Talbot, “AWS was really involved and they were very easy to work with.” “They really cared about the people of Swindon and the potential social improvement that this project would bring,” he said.

For her part, the Vice President of EMEA for the public sector at AWS, Isabella Groegor.Cechowicz, has ensured that through the tests carried out in the United Kingdom they have been able to design attractive, repeatable and scalable solutions “quickly” for numerous local entities in the United Kingdom. “.

“We have equipped them with the necessary tools to tackle their main problems and drive innovation. We are looking forward to launching it now in other local administrations in the UK, Spain and Ireland,” he explained.

Those city councils that wish to obtain more information about the participation in the program, can present their query online at

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