Amazon presents the new Echo Show 15 with the Visual ID.  “Privacy? No data on the cloud”

Its code name is Hoya, it is meant to be hung on the wall or on a flat surface. It has a size of 15.6 inches and its mission is to control smart home devices, such as lights and appliances, with the ambition of becoming a sort of hub for the smart home (it can be a super kitchen TV suitable for streaming, or a calendar, or a barometric station and a thousand other things). The smart home. That of Amazon.

There is also Echo Show 15 among the products (in Italy it will arrive within the year) presented by the company of Jeff Bezos, who focuses more and more on the house of the future. In addition to this smart screen, Amazon also launched Eero Pro 6 and Blink Video Doorbell. The first is a mesh system equipped with the latest generation Wi.Fi standard (Wi.Fi 6) to support faster speeds, higher performance and better coverage for all devices connected at the same time, compared to the previous Wi.Fi 5.

What about privacy?

The new AZ2 processor fitted by the Echo Show 15 is able to recognize the voice that questions him, but also the identity of those who pass in front of him thanks to a new facial recognition function called Visual ID, which works with on.device storage thanks to the AZ2 processor. “Profiles remain ‘local,’ the company assures. The feature allows Alexa to show personalized recommendations, calendars, lists and more when the face is captured by the camera.

Sure Visual ID is optional and disabled by default (you will have to give your consent and register your facial profile to use the feature and the profile will not be sent to other devices, nor to the cloud) but Amazon’s use of facial recognition technology in its smart home products is a theme (as of December 2019, the personal information of thousands of Amazon Ring users was exposed). During the presentation David Limp, Senior Vice President of Devices and Services at Amazon, said that Amazon’s goal “is to put privacy at the heart of what it does.”

Hub for the house of the future

Among other features, the Echo Show 15 is equipped with a smart screen, 1080p Full HD, imagined, explains the Bezos company, “for everyday organization”, “always keeping you connected”. “With a redesigned home screen and Alexa widgets – explained Eric Saarnio, Vice President, Amazon Devices International – you can customize your Echo Show 15 to view your family calendar, manage your list and set reminders. In addition, the Echo Show 15 adapts to any home environment, transforming the display into a full.screen digital photo frame, to showcase the best photos, or artistic images and drawings available. ”

Smart video intercom

Blink Video Doorbell is the first Blink video intercom, it can be installed with or without cables and offers the possibility of up to two years of battery life, ensures HD 1080p video day and night, two.way audio, notifications from the doorbell directly on the app and the ability to connect and ring the doorbell already present in the house.

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