Pangea Group technology prevents construction workers from falling from scaffolding

The Punjia Group, which specializes in the digital transformation of government, public and business services, unveils a new technology it has developed, which is designed to solve the problem of construction workers falling from scaffolding. The Tidhar Group participated in the development as a professional consultant (Design Partner).

The falls of workers from scaffolding at construction sites are due to two main reasons. The first, workers who do not tie themselves to the lifeline located in the mechanized scaffold, and the second, overloading of equipment and materials with a weight that exceeds the carrying capacity of the scaffold.

Punjia’s technology combines advanced sensors, an analytics (AI) system and computer vision capabilities that send real-time automatic alerts, as soon as a dangerous overload is detected or one or more workers do not connect themselves to the rescue cable. The alerts allow webmasters to prevent any potential risk to the safety and lives of workers, even before work begins.

The new technology is added to the access control system at complex construction sites that Punjia launched earlier this year also at Tidhar Construction sites. The access control system identifies whether workers on the site are allowed to be on it and whether they have deviated from the exact locations assigned to them. This capability prevents unskilled workers from entering hazardous areas that have not been trained to work in them.

Punjia presents the technologies at the ‘Technological Opportunities for Accident Prevention in the Construction Industry’ conference held today (Tuesday, June 28) in Kfar HaMaccabiah in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry, MK Yair Golan and with the participation of senior officials in the construction industry.

Oded Somberg, VP of Business Development, Enterprise Division, Pangea: “Accidents at construction sites are not committed to reality and the vast majority of them can be prevented through advanced technologies. We now recognize a high level of interest among construction companies who are looking for reliable and affordable solutions to work accidents. We offer them a unique solution, based on advanced technology. This solution complements the first product we launched, which allows construction companies to improve the safety of construction sites through an advanced solution for face recognition-based access control. “Punjia has set itself the goal of developing additional modules that will give additional tools to construction companies to deal with other life-threatening problems at their construction sites.”

The Pangea Group is a leading global provider of national digital solutions including digital identity, security and electronic payment that serves millions of people and many governments around the world. Punjia specializes in the implementation of digital transformation of government services and organizational business activities.

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