Artificial intelligence-based application: Tuned – fitting tests for a hearing aid

Tuned, the start-up of Audioker Technologies, has recently completed a $ 11.5 million fundraiser in its first year of operation. Tuned was founded about a year ago by Ron Ganot and Omri Gavish, with the aim of developing and marketing an application that will change the market for fitting tests for hearing aids in the world through a significant shortening of the clinical process required for fitting hearing aids.

The artificial intelligence-based application will be marketed for the first time in the CVS network, which is a leader in the United States in the field of medical equipment and pharma and has 11,000 branches.

The company’s data show that about 430 million people in the US need a hearing aid with a market size estimated at about $ 10 billion and the expectation indicates a significant increase – by 2050 about 900 million people will need a hearing aid.

According to Ron Ganot, Founder and CEO of Tuned, “The costs of testing and the hearing aid fitting process are part of the total cost and high expense required of anyone who needs a hearing aid and are a significant barrier to treating the hearing-impairment problem.” Tuned allows adjustment in about 7 minutes anywhere and anytime with simplicity and accessibility through artificial intelligence. ”

“Tuned saves the tedious clinical process of completing a referral to the institute and continuing the process of implementing the device and enables its implementation and completion easily and even at the point of sale. In audio devices and improving the accompanying quality of life.

Tuned simplifies the process, makes it accessible and enables the sale of hearing aids anywhere, available for the moment of completion of the matching process. “Tuned transforms hearing aids from a clinical product to an OTC product using breakthrough technology and brings a line to the hearing aid market thanks to a significant potential increase in the sale of hearing aids at every point, branch and store of the marketing chains and in general.”

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