Cyber ​​2.0 deepens its system deployment in India – its main area of ​​expertise there is hospital systems

The company specializes in OT systems, and its main area of ​​expertise in Israel is industrial plants, water infrastructure, hospitals and more.

Recently, quite a few cyber attacks have been experienced on hospitals, both in Israel and around the world. The field of health in general, and hospitals in particular, is a sensitive field for cyber attacks, because health services are based on advanced technology, a connected ecosystem, the deployment of medical devices and expensive sensors. All of these new technology systems require a high level of protection. This involves both the protection of patients’ medical information, and sensitive systems, which can be activated or deactivated through remote control.

As time goes on, it turns out that classic defense systems like antivirus or EDR solutions fail in trying to detect attacks, and in case of detection, fail in trying to prevent them from spreading. The Cyber ​​2.0 system has proven itself in countless intrusion tests, including ongoing hacker challenges over the past 5 years, and it also addresses newly created attacks.

KIMS Hospitals, India’s leading hospital chain, has made it a point to provide healthcare at affordable and quality prices. Founded in 2000, KIMS Hospitals provides reliable, efficient and customized care at the highest possible standards since its inception.

The Cyber2.0 team, together with the KIMS IT team, performed a full risk assessment, and the following are the main findings of the assessment:

    • Lack of protection against early threat vectors such as inside breaches, unknown attacks and file-free malware | In all e-mail, browsing and hardware


    • Invisibility of existing threats / vulnerabilities despite expensive and periodic VAPT


    • Enormous resource consumption across network bandwidths


Snir Rosenfeld, CEO of Cyber ​​2.0: “Cyber ​​2.0 proves time and time again that it is the only system that can provide a complete solution to the spread of cyber attacks in the organization. The KIMS network tested a wide range of known solutions around the world, and at the end of the test chose us to provide it with a comprehensive solution for all its hospitals.”

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