It is not easy to find a concise definition of OverIT: American capital behind capital, development headquarters in Italy, in Pordenone, and headquarters in the USA in Miami, this “small” multinational can exhibit more than twenty years of experience in the field of Field Service Management and Mobile Workforce Management and now she’s going to walk alone. A few days ago, in fact, the announcement that formalized the completion (during the month of October) of the of OverIT from the Engineering Group (in whose 2020 financial statements a turnover of 39.9 million euros is reported with 2 , 9 million net profit) and the establishment of an independent entity controlled by the investment companies Bain Capital and Neuberger Berman.

The new CEO: a former Salesforce top manager who returns to Italy

At the helm of the company, as President and CEO, there will be Paolo Bergamo, a leading figure in the panorama of managers of the Italian IT industry and until recently operating in San Francisco to hold the position of Senior Vice President of Salesforce’s Product Management division.


He is responsible for accelerating OverIT’s international expansion process and creating a software platform that, in the intentions of the new shareholders, will have to become a “global leader in Field Service Management through growing investments”. Bain Capital and Neuberger Berman, and this can be seen from the statements of their respective top management, are focusing heavily on the skills and track record of Bergamo’s growing technology companies, which in turn did not hide the ambition of the new project. “My goal – he said in a statement – is to position OverIT as a world leader, making the company an international hub where young talents can grow and express their potential.”

Artificial intelligence and IoT to manage field activities.

Energy, utilities, oil, transport and infrastructure, industry: these are the main sectors of application of the solutions that OverIT has implemented in favor of hundreds of multinationals, anticipating a new era of Field Service Management, based on the automation of the process of accounting for activities conducted in the field, making it completely thanks to the collection of information by voice dictation, the automatic extraction of data and multimedia content (photos, documents, videos) and the connection in real time with IoT systems. To do this, the Friulian company has focused decisively on augmented reality and artificial intelligence and over the years there have been over 100 thousand employees who have used OverIT tools to manage installations or assistance or maintenance of systems, machinery and equipment. various kinds. SPACE1, in particular, is one of the first software in the world that combines advanced augmented reality and knowledge management features with machine learning algorithms to provide companies with a collaborative environment through which they can present any product, train staff and solve technical problems in total safety. All this by exploiting the learning of the experience (and therefore of the behavior) of users who have already performed activities in similar contexts and the possibility of coordinating interventions directly remotely.

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The case of Enel: more productivity in testing and lower costs

About 11 thousand testing operations carried out every year in over 700 plants: the search for maximum efficiency in the execution and supervision of these activities is a priority to which Enel has responded by relying on OverIT. The SPACE1 solution, specifically, is functional to remotely control and verify the quality of materials with the aid of augmented reality. Thanks to this technology, the acceptance tests in the factory, the audit of the production process and the training of the personnel are managed through wearable devices or tablets and the results obtained, as guaranteed by OverIT: increase in productivity in the order of 50%, plus half of the remotely supervised tests every year with about 2 thousand man.days saved, a thousand fewer trips made, with a consequent reduction in costs.

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