Just before the launch of the iPhone 13 series in Israel, and about a week after the sale began worldwide, I received the iPhone 13 Pro model for a first review courtesy of the iStore network – Apple’s official marketer in Israel. The starting price of the Pro model, which includes a storage capacity of 128 GB, is about NIS 4,350, while it is available in 256 GB, 512 GB and 1Tra versions at higher prices.

The first and most prominent issue is the design of the device. The most significant claim made against Apple regarding this series of devices, and the Pro model in particular, deals with their choice to continue with the design line of the iPhone 12 series. These are devices with a sharp.cut frame, straight lines and rounded edges.

In fact, the two devices – the Pro 12 and the Pro 13 – look almost the same, except for the difference in the device’s photo setup. In any case, the device is comfortable to hold and use for a long time – so even if you are one of the users whose device does not get out of hand (literally) you will not experience significant discomfort with long use.

The photo setup on the iPhone 13 Pro (Photo: Apple)

The frame of the device is made of stainless steel and feels great – because of its sharp cut. However, keep in mind that it mimics fingerprints. In addition, the matte finish on the back of the device is pleasant to the touch, and better than the glossy one which has been incorporated in other models in the past.

The front of the iPhone 13 Pro includes a 6.1.inch screen (as in the iPhone 12 Pro), with the only external difference being the small of the recess in the top of the device. This is a reduction of about 20 percent, but you will probably not notice a significant difference.

A small point to think about: Most people purchase along with the smartphone, also a cover that will protect it. So true – this is a beautiful device, but among us, even the biggest fans of the company will purchase coverage to protect it.

As mentioned, one of the most significant upgrades in the iPhone 13 series is in battery life – since no matter which model you choose, you should see (according to the company) an improvement in battery life. Unfortunately, due to the short duration of this trial (a little over 24 hours) I was not really able to check if the claim about an improvement in battery life is correct.

IPhone 13 Pro (Photo: Apple)IPhone 13 Pro (Photo: Apple)

The iPhone 13 Pro and the Pro Max model come with exactly the same photo setup, unlike last year. The two are equipped with three 12.megapixel photo sensors that show a significant improvement over the previous generation. The array includes a main camera with a 1.9 micron sensor and an f / 1.5 aperture key with Sensor.Shift support that helps capture twice as much light, a telephoto sensor with X3 optical zoom and an f / 2.8 aperture key that can shoot even at night and an ultra.wide lens with a key An f / 1.8 aperture capable of capturing 92% more light.

When shooting in good lighting conditions (for example daylight or direct sunlight) you get great photos, with accuracy in colors and details, and natural light that looks great. Even when viewing photos on a large screen, you can see that the photos are simply amazing. When using the telephoto lens you can get great results by performing a significant optical zoom, or macro photography – which provide impressive accuracy.

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveils iPhone 13 Pro (Photo: Apple Inc / Handout via REUTERS NO RESALES)Apple CEO Tim Cook unveils iPhone 13 Pro (Photo: Apple Inc / Handout via REUTERS NO RESALES)

The most significant improvement – as Apple has promised – is in the way photography takes place in harsh lighting conditions. This is photography in different conditions, such as inside a building or at night. Now, bright images are obtained, without unusual smearing, with great sharpness. The front selfie camera provides (as expected) good results, and even identical to the previous generation.

The truth is, the only disappointment from the device is the fact that this series of devices also includes the lightning connection and not the USB.C we saw in the iPad mini that was announced that evening. The change is likely to be implemented in the end, whether voluntarily by Apple or by external factors that require it.

Whether to upgrade or wait for the following device: Depending on what device you have now, and what is certain for iPhone 12 owners with its various models, there is really no reason to spend NIS 4,000 on a new device that will feel exactly the same. However, if you have older devices – then this is definitely a worthy upgrade. In any case, this model will not make Android fans switch sides.

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