Important for agriculture: Get acquainted with the new and sophisticated irrigation system

As part of the promotion of the agriculture industry and the assimilation of agricultural technologies in the industry, the Ministry of Agriculture is launching the smart irrigation system for calculating irrigation indices, which will lead to accuracy, efficiency and the provision of quality produce in wine vineyards. The new system will calculate for the grape growers in Israel the exact irrigation indices, based on data from regional meteorological stations that are automatically updated daily, and will save the grower unnecessary water costs, time and damaged production.

The project is expressed in a simple web interface, which allows farmers and growers of amateur vineyards to produce a quality and accurate product through precise irrigation, based on the calculation of vineyard indices and regional weather data on the same day. The interface uses the daily water evaporation data collected from the Ministry of Agriculture’s regional meteorological stations, and provides each grower with the exact irrigation conditions in the area, without wasting water.

The system will also connect directly to the mobile phone and will provide accurate real-time WhatsApp alerts to the tower. Also, the system will connect directly to the irrigation systems and order the desired amounts during irrigation. The grower is registered in the system and enters the vineyard data on the site, including the geographical location, the types of varieties he grows, the desired level of wine quality and the size of the area. Also, the grower will feed the frequent watering frequency for him every day, every week and even every two weeks. All this data will be stored in the system.

Depending on the data entered and the evaporation data updated in the system daily, the system will calculate for the grower the exact amount required to achieve the desired results, which as stated were defined by him. The system will also collect for the grower the water usage data for irrigation purposes so that the grower can know at each stage how much watering according to the time frame he has set.

Agriculture Minister Oded Forer stressed: “Investment in innovation, development and research is an investment in our future. Precise agriculture, rich in knowledge and technology is the ultimate solution to the climate crisis and the promotion of food security at the national level. , And to establish sustainable Israeli agriculture with a minimum of environmental damage ”

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