63% of companies with access to their data in the cloud in real time increase their income

The 63 percent of companies that have real-time access to their data in cloud storage services are more likely to increase their economic income.

It is one of the conclusions reached by the Confluent data platform in its first report ‘State of Data in Motion’for which he interviewed 1,950 IT managers and engineers from four continents.

This study mainly determines that real-time data flows pose a huge challenge without the right technology and without a budget for specialized digital storage services.

So much so that 60 percent of IT department managers said the difficulty to integrate the different data sources it is the biggest barrier to accessing more data in real time.

However, Confluent indicates that almost twice as many respondents for this study cited lack of budget as the biggest obstacle.

Despite this, most of the directors of these areas indicated that the adequate integration of real-time data from multiple applications is important for the critical processes of their organizations. Specifically, 76 percent of those surveyed.

Even with this interest on the part of companies two out of three organizations (68 percent of them) report having difficulty even finding the data needed to build real-time applications.


In relation to the level of knowledge that exists around these solutions, Confluent determines that only 39 percent of respondents say they are fully prepared to work in an environment of hybrid cloud.

These are characterized by the fact that they integrate data in the cloud while others are stored in other systems or local infrastructures.

On the other hand, although the anti-cloud computing model (in which an organization combines multiple clouds, whether public or private) is quite prevalent in companies around the world, 32% of executives said they had difficulty synchronizing seamlessly. Efficient data between storage environments.

Another save format is ‘on-premise’, when the installation of a program is done locally on the premises of an organization.

Of the organizations that choose this environment, 69 cite security concerns, such as the guarantee of the privacy of their data, the loss of control over their security or the risk of being attacked by cybercriminals.

On the other hand, Confluent seeks to demonstrate with this study that moving business data increases profits and client retention.

So much so that 63 percent of organizations that have a widespread level of access to real time data saw annual revenue growth of 10 percent or more between 2020 and the end of 2021 despite the pandemic.

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