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Facebook has introduced new tools for administrators With which they will be able to limit the frequency of publication of some users or to know if conversations are taking place that may lead to conflict through a new type of alerts.

Administrators play a prominent role in moderating the conversations that take place on the Facebook social network, and for this reason the company has expanded the tools available to them.

The new one homepage for administrators will bring together the tools, configurations and functions that the company has implemented to facilitate their work in one place. Here you can see “quickly and in advance” if they have to take any action in the group, and also access advice on the most appropriate tools according to their needs.

Administrators may establish criteria to automatically moderate posts and comments, a feature that is expected to help reduce conflicts, but also help reduce spam.

Also, administrators may be notified when a “controversial or unhealthy” conversation is taking place, in order to take action if they deem it appropriate. This function is in tests, as the company reports on its website. And to reduce the activity of some users, administrators will be able to limit how often they comment or post to a group in a period of time

They will also be able to access a member profile, which will include information about your activity in the group, if you have been muted or posts have been removed. In the event of an infringement, in addition, administrators may appeal the decision to Facebook for review.

The company has also changed communication through chat of the members of a group, in such a way that now they can do it from the group itself instead of having to go to the Messenger application.

Other new features include the possibility of post comments at the top of any post, or the notifications of communiqués, when a publication has the character of such.

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