My first acquaintance with the MADDEN series, the only official representation of the NFL League in the world of computer games, I made twenty years ago, and although the new game in the prestigious MADDEN 22 series takes a small step in the right direction, it’s still hard to say too many things have changed.

For those unfamiliar with the MADDEN series it is its only rights to do a football simulation based on NFL players and teams, the American Professional Football League. I mean if you are a fan of the industry this is the only place where you can throw like Tom Brady and this lack of competition has caused severe stagnation in recent years in the development of the game.

This year MADDEN, from EA SPORTS, makes a leap to the new generation of consoles, PS5 and XBOX X and indeed these versions of the game (unlike the current generation of consoles) get slight but very significant improvements, even when it comes to the future of the game, the main improvements relate to The crowd for events on the grass (something we’ve been waiting for a long time) and an upgrade to the Mansion franchise, something fans have been demanding for years.

It is important to note that the review will mainly refer to the game version for the new generation of consoles, those who have not yet upgraded their device and will buy the game actually get a team update and very few changes, while the innovations introduced for the new generation really give hope for continuation.

The main change noticed today is Gameday Momentum, which undoubtedly brought life to the NFL games. The new feature makes the audience a significant part of the game and finally gives meaning to home games, something that did not exist before. The “home tray advantage” system turns the stadium into a weapon once you gain the required momentum and give your team an advantage over the visitors like a faster depletion of their player endurance or they will not be able to hear the instructions on the field and will be penalized as a result. In general this system, along with the improvements in the presentation of the game day and the narration updates make the game day much more interesting and dynamic than we were used to, and this thing affects the other modes of the game respectively. It is important to emphasize that the interpretation and narration during the game feels much more natural and sweeping, and it also includes half updates from one of the best known commentators in the US Jonathan Coachman, who gives a lot of realism to the experience.

The second significant change made is to Franchise Mode (a franchise mode where you control the group for all its components), and this year new features came in that include the ability to manage the organizational team and adapt and make significant changes to the group’s strategy and construction. Another change concerns players who are more affected by the data that change throughout the season and also respond to the pitch and each team that makes the adjustments to its preferred style of play. These little things make a significant difference because they make every game a completely different task that you have to learn to adapt to (like a quarterback who likes to run rather than throw). This year EA also added mod stories that jump throughout the season, scripts that are meant to express the ups and downs a team goes through over the course of a year and aim to set goals for the players and improve their performance. The experience is expected to be completed soon as well as advanced scouting options (talent hunter) that is expected to come up in one of the upcoming updates. In addition to the game there are (finally) new animations for the audience, the players, improved audio and even the movement of the ball is influenced by the wind in a more realistic way, these changes are felt in every mode of the game and strengthen the sense of realism.

Three other mods that return this year (without significant or significant change) are the ultimate team (you must collect cards representing present and past players who will make up your team) where you will play against the computer or players online in order to collect as many rare cards and unique prizes as costumes and the like. The YARD is also back, a six.on.six court football, here too with no special changes beyond some new destinations like Hawaii for example. The third mode that makes a comeback is “Face Of The Franchise” where you choose a player character that you will control from several positions as you climb from the day of the draft until you start winning various championships and titles. The accompanying story is meaningless and in the absence of real goals or anything that will make you want to end it I do not think the majority will invest too much in it.

While the big sports titles took with both hands the move to the next generation of NBA 2K22 and FIFA 22 consoles – details of which will come up real soon), MADDEN did not go as far as we wanted but does give a sense that the head is in the right direction and if they knew how to build on the features And the new animations, to further improve the plot modes and maybe even update the gameplay itself, could be that next year we will already have a real winner here on the field. A copy of the game was received by Adli United, the official importer of the MADDEN 22 game in Israel.

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