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To imagine what the Internet will be like in 25 years It is not easy, but those responsible for the Internet Archive have ventured to offer a glimpse of what the Internet will bring us, from a perspective in which spam and pop.up advertisements that restrict access to knowledge prevail.

Internet Archive is a project for preserve the Internet, that in its 25 years of history has managed to create a library of digital files in which there is no shortage of movies, books, video games or web pages.

One of its most popular tools, the Wayback Machine, allows consult web pages that have been edited, to know its original content. And taking inspiration from this idea, he has presented the Wayforward Machine, which instead of looking to the past, offers a glimpse of what the Internet will be 25 years from now.

Wayforward Machine is a campaign that advocates for protect free access to knowledge on the Internet. Denounce government blackouts, which have “devastating impacts on affected communities”; the protocols, paywalls, and firewalls that fragment the Internet; and the divisions of the Web caused by geopolitics and commerce.

These “threats to free and open access to knowledge” pose a dark future, with a Internet full of spam and, with notifications about restrictions that prevent access to web pages, either because the user does not want to share personal data, or because of legislation or a political blockade.

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