Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple and its first CEO, died today (Tuesday) a decade ago of pancreatic cancer. “Living a life full of ups and downs in his private and professional life,” said Dr. Eilat Chen Levy, a researcher and lecturer in the field of new media, managing information loads and online disruptions, from the Jezreel Valley Academic College. “The combination of a rare charisma he possessed, and his understanding in the field of persuasive communication, created extraordinary launches while marketing and selling technology products that were unmatched before him, and captured the hearts of the masses.”

According to her, his genius was expressed in the way he managed to combine different, sometimes conflicting layers and his success in cracking the importance of the connection between a simple and designed user interface – the use of a technological device. “He created a friendly and accessible interface combining the fields of human engineering, computer science and graphic design,” she explained. “Establishing a voice call and transmitting messages” – and turning it into an “artificial heart”, another organ in our bodies, a coveted product like a diamond that humans crave to buy en masse, with the best of their money and in return they are addicted to it and can hardly live without it.

Tal Dolev, director of consulting at BDO, added that “unlike hitchhikers, and in fact most people in the field, Jobs was not a geek and was not a computer freak in the technical sense of the word. He was interested in designing and building products that would suit users “He just created beautiful, eye.catching products.” According to him, many times Apple has given up certain features in their products.

“Jobs’ divine trait was that he simply knew how to create aesthetic and attractive products that would attract people,” Dolev stressed.

It’s hard to ignore that the company’s products are just beautiful
Dolev: “Exactly. His guideline was to create aesthetic products that the common man would know how to operate, and they would talk to him. Numbers that often offered him to incorporate stylus pens in iPhones, and he said there was no need – because we have ten fingers. “, From its unique worldview, which dealt with the question of what would be practical and convenient to use. The company’s first iPhones and Macs were not stronger than the competition, but they were designed to give the customer a phenomenal user experience.”

It actually affected the whole world.
Dolev: “Exactly. He changed something in the perception of the industry by emphasizing the design and usability of the products, and not necessarily on engineering and technology – areas in which companies have invested more so far. He has changed the equation in that sense.”
Dr. Chen Levy: “Jobs is gifted with unparalleled creative thinking, so different from any CEO we know, and it can be said on loan that Steve Jobs did not come out of the box in the process of creative thinking but rather actually invented the box and marketed it to the world. The smartphone is keyless, with no power button and a rounded edge in a package that is second to none in the world. The iPhone – someone else would have invented it, maybe at a different point in time. “

Tim Cook, Jobs’ replacement (Photo: Apple Inc / Handout via REUTERS NO RESALES)

Dolev added that today, many many companies want to resemble Apple in terms of design as well. “Apple built the best and most optimal product, and made sure to be as precise as possible, without actually jumping too high,” he stressed, “they just didn’t bother looking for gimmicks.” At the end of the conversation, he estimated that Jobs probably would not have liked some of Apple’s developments today. “They do a good job, but they’re not the same company they were in his day, although Tim Cook (the current CEO) does a very good job, as one would expect from someone other than Steve Jobs.”

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