Coscu Army Awards: streamers have their awards – Télam

This Sunday at 8:00 p.m. Argentina the Coscu Army Awards are awarded under the conditions imposed by the pandemic, which distinguish new appearances, rare situations, promises and the best gamers and streamers of the wide interactive universe of gaming networks and platforms. .

The award ceremony can be followed through hosted by its creator and top Argentine streamer Martín “Coscu” Pérez Di Salvo, with a format similar to that of international and Argentine awards galas.

Emerged as a detachment of gamers, streamers are a phenomenon on the rise, with international figures such as the North American Ninja who can accumulate more than 15 million followers on Twitch.

The range of awards ranges from Promise Streamer to Best Pair of the Year, Best League of Legends Player and Best League of Legendes or Fortnite Streamer, for example, Best Freestyler, Best Youtube Editor, Best Musician, Clip of the Year and Revelation Streamer .

The ceremony by Pérez Di Salvo, delivers its awards and recognitions within the streamer community and in 2019 lasted more than five hours.

By Editor