The use of electronic money in Argentina was record in 2018 – Télam

The report recalled that operations in this way ended 2018 with “almost 405 million last December, 22% in relation to the same previous period and 36% more than the $ 297 million in December 2016.”

Out of the total of $ 405 million transactions in December 2018, the most used channel was Home Banking with 42.7%, ATMs 31.1% and Mobile with the remaining 26.2%.

And he specified that in the evolutionary growth between December 2016 and 2018 in the different electronic channels, ATMs grew at 7.4%, Home Banking at 30%, Mobile Banking platforms at 103% and VALEpei Digital Wallet “at a staggering rate of 872% “.

In 2018 there were “nominal records for the total amount of operations, just over $ 302,103 million, 40.7% higher than 2017. It averaged $ 226,000 million in the year, with a growth of 37.1%, eleven points percentage more than the total demand for money “.

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