They hacked almost 700 thousand sites to steal bitcoins – Télam

The Slovak security company Eset has just announced that on Saturday the StatCounter page, one of the best known used to keep statistics of visits to web pages, was hacked, which has at least two million clients and computes more than 10 billion users. views per month.

The hackers did it by means of a script (a line of code) that they included in the middle of a StatCounter file. This, according to the experts at Eset, is somewhat unusual, as hackers generally resort to placing malicious code at the beginning or end of a legitimate file.

The stolen money is virtual currencies such as bitcoin, and the attackers direct the destination of the transactions to a wallet from where they can extract them. As explained in the statement, the hackers’ server generates a new bitcoin address every time a visitor loads the statconuter script.[.]com/c.php.

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