Sponsor Firefox Suggestions can be disabled

Mozilla has entered in the address bar of Firefox suggestions made by the browser itself of pages and information relevant to the user, and also of content paid for by advertisers, although it is a function that can be disabled.

Browser suggestions have been entered with update 93.0, although they may are available from version 92, as the company explains on the support page. They offer additional content in the results of the browser’s address bar.

In its announcement in September, Mozilla already reported that this content could be links to Wikipedia, Pocket articles, reviews or even sponsors content previously evaluated by the company.

For these suggestions, the company points out that “no data is collected, stored or shared.” But if they are activated contextual suggestions, the browser will use data like The localization user or search keywords, to offer suggestions, also from partners.

Partners showing sponsored content “meet Firefox privacy standards,” says Mozilla, which cites adMarketplace as one of its preferred partners. And he clarifies that the results that Wikipedia offers in the suggestions “are not sponsored”.

Firefox suggestions can be deactivated or customized from the ‘Settings’ panel, within the ‘Privacy and security’ section. In the Address Bar, if the browser is up to date, the contextual suggestions and the box that allows you to activate or deactivate this option, as well as the sponsor suggestions should appear.

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