About four days after the big glitch: reports of disruptions on Facebook

Surfers around the world reported tonight (Friday) a malfunction in the Facebook and Instagram apps, four days after the huge malfunction. According to reports, the apps themselves work, but do not feature new content.

The malfunction was fixed around one and a half o’clock at night (Israel time), and Facebook apologized for what happened. The company said in a statement that the malfunctions on Facebook and Instagram were not related to the major malfunction that occurred earlier this week. The company also said that the source of the difficulties experienced by the users was a configuration change.

As you may recall, about four days ago the popular apps WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram Crashed for about six hours. It is estimated that the error was caused by a configuration error. A Facebook statement this morning said: “Our online services have returned to full operation. The disruption to network traffic has had an impact on the way our information centers communicate, which has caused our services to stop operating.”

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