Six analog astronauts will enter the world’s unique research station built specifically in the Ramon Crater for about a month and will carry out a series of groundbreaking scientific and technological experiments.

The experiments will simulate selected issues and actions planned for future manned missions to Mars and will form the basis for tests and trials for future planetary missions, international exposure of Israeli technology and science in space, and the establishment of infrastructure for an educational program in space exploration.

The astronauts from Israel and Europe will stay for about a month inside the unique station (Habitat) when they are cut off from the outside world, and in order to perform the experiments in space conditions similar to Mars, the astronauts will have to wear special oxygen suits every time they leave the station. Also, throughout the project a manned control room will monitor their condition.

Ramon Crater (Photo: THOMAS COEX / AFP via Getty Images)

The heads of the project on behalf of the Austrian Space Forum and the Israeli Space Agency in the Ministry of Innovation in Science and Technology point out that the crater, an erosion crater, is a unique image of Mars, topographically and geologically.

The Minister of Science, Orit Farkash HaCohen, said: “We are in the new space age. In the next two decades, the field of space and technological satellites will grow significantly and strategically, and Israel must carefully develop this strategy. Yesterday, I submitted for government approval “The Israeli in my office and I am sure that together we will ensure that the State of Israel continues to lead in this field. I wish success to the international team of astronauts who chose to conduct a significant experiment to examine the conditions on Mars in Ramon Crater in our country – because technology also connects people.”

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