Nintendo recognizes that wear and tear issues on Switch Joy.Con controllers may be inevitable

Nintendo has suggested that Problems due to wear and tear on the Joy.Con controllers on your hybrid Nintendo Switch consolesteering sticks, especially, can be unavoidable and affect also to the new Switch with OLED display, although this includes improvements.

This has been recognized by the Japanese company in a questions and answers session, collected on its website, coinciding with the launch this Friday of the new Nintendo Switch console version with OLED screen.

The parts of the analog stick have been continuously improved since launch (in 2017) and we are still working on improvements“said Nintendo Deputy CEO Toru Yamashita.

In relation to problems that have affected the Joy.Con controllers of Switch since its launch, such as the ‘drifting‘(involuntary pulsations in the’ stick ‘of direction normally produced by wear), the Asian manager has affirmed that Nintendo has “repeatedly improved wear resistance and durability“from your controllers.

However, asked about if the wear and tear of the Joy.Con was “unavoidable as long as the parts were in physical contact”, Ko Shiota, General Manager of Nintendo’s Technology Development Division, answered affirmatively.

The executive has cited as an example the wear on a vehicle’s tires, which are in constant friction with the ground as they rotate and which cannot be avoided.

“We wonder how we can improve durability, and not only that, but how can both operability and durability coexist? It’s something we continually address“Ko Shiota concluded.

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